Power & Compassion Christian Marriage Retreat is the work of Dale Lee [Ed.S. LCPC] & Adi Lee [M.A.], a husband and wife counseling team w/a love for Christ and a passion for helping people.

Christian Marriage Retreats: 4 Questions That Deserve Answers!

Christian marriage retreats have been taking place for countless years and they have actually assisted tons of Christians and non-Christians alike toward finding the marital relationship they have always wished for. Complications in a marriage are difficult to correct, yet when you experience an intensive marriage retreat together, you’ll find out the true worth of your marriage and you will have the opportunity to relive the charm that you felt the moment you first set eyes on your significant other. What most married people simply don’t understand is what benefits they will receive from actually coming to one of these Christian marriage counseling retreats. The fact is that there are numerous advantages to attending these wonderful functions and by recognizing these benefits, you’ll have that extra push to really pursue attending a retreat.

> Just what are the advantages of going to a marriage retreat?

One of the primary perks of Power and Compassion’s Marriage Retreats is that you will be working one on one with your licensed counselors Dale and Adi Lee in a private/personalized counseling environment where the focus will be directly on you and your spouse and your individual needs. This format is far more effective in helping you to iron out all your disagreements and find common ground.

These marriage retreats just might be the solution to the longing you have to find a way past all the strife and conflict that your experiencing with your spouse and allow you to finally make peace once again. These retreats will guide you and your significant other into an entirely new degree of love and friendship with one another. It does not matter how significant of an issue that you might have, as no problem or disagreement is too large for God to bring you through and grant you victory. A very powerful aspect of these private/personalized marriage retreats is the experiential format of the exercises that are used to obtain the most effective relationship possible. Lots of past couples have experienced such amazing results after just one retreat, that they commit to coming back again and again in order to maintain and further develop their love and relationship over time.

> What are the benefits of a faith-based marriage retreat over an ordinary one?

One of the things that makes a christian marriage retreat much more powerful and effective than a typical retreat is the truth that everything taught and shared during the retreat springs forth from God and His eternal word. Unlike a common marriage retreat which doesn’t look for the support of God, Christian marriage retreats take a much more serious Christ-centered approach.

> Precisely how long do these occasions last?

It truly does hinge upon your personal situation and what your needs and concerns are. They are normally just a few days, with sessions that last for a few hours throughout the day. This multi-day escape from your ordinary life, where you can become fully immersed in to the word of God, the guidance of your counselors, the beauty of Montana and the love and affection of your spouse, has a powerful effect on your healing process and can result in powerful transitions and relationship makeovers.

> Will my marriage become more desirable overnight?

Throughout the retreat, several activities will definitely be done with the both of you reviewing your present issues and plenty of these things will help you build a stronger relationship with your spouse. If the both of you are serious about achieving results in your relationship then the techniques are most certainly going to help the both of you, and you should see a huge improvement by the end of your retreat. Having said that, please note that the healing process is designed to build and continue to fully mature over time as you continue to walk in and practice what you have learned during the retreat, even as you enter back into your normal life pattern.

If you’re struggling with your marital relationship, going to a Christian marriage retreat could possibly be your solution to a much stronger marital relationship. If you would like to clear up all of your marriage and relationship problems, then a Christian marriage counseling retreat could very well be just what you have been looking for.  Visit http://www.ChristianMarriageRetreats.net for more details.

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