Power & Compassion Christian Marriage Retreat is the work of Dale Lee [Ed.S. LCPC] & Adi Lee [M.A.], a husband and wife counseling team w/a love for Christ and a passion for helping people.

The Benefits of Power & Compassion’s Christian Marriage Retreats

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

wedding ringsPower & Compassion’s christian marriage retreats are a great way to get away with your spouse and strengthen and reinforce your marriage. There are many reasons for attending one of Power & Compassion’s marriage retreats. They can be a great form of pre-marriage counseling for new couples, they’re also very effective in helping couples maintain a healthy spiritual and emotional connection even as their relationship matures. And if you ever find yourself in the midst of troubled waters in your marriage, attending a marriage retreat can be just the solution that you need in order to navigate the storms that come into every marriage from time to time. Dale and Adi Lee M.A. LCPC are fully licensed therapists who can help you and your spouse wherever your marriage needs it.

The multi-day intensive marriage retreats take place in a private log cabin nestled in a picturesque meadow not far from Glacier National Park in Montana. These are not multi-couple group events… these are one-on-one sessions where you and your spouse will receive the full attention and support from your licensed and professional counselors. The intensive nature of these marriage retreats has a profound effect and will teach you and your spouse how to move past any strife and difficulties you are facing, and learn to reconnect and communicate effectively.

Your professional support doesn’t end after your multi-day retreat is over either…Dale and Adi have an online blog to help remind you of what you learned long after your visit, as well as other tools that can help your marriage stay strong and healthy as you merge back into your everyday life.

Dale & Adi Lee provide counseling for affair prevention and repair, covenant contract marriage, blended family concerns and much more through their work at Power & Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats. They can even provide bilingual counseling (Spanish). They love to see marriages strengthened and restored. Their private and personalized approach will help get your marriage back on track.

The best times to consider Power & Compassion retreats are:

    • Before marriage. Pre-marriage counseling can help place strong building blocks for the early stages of your marriage.

    • When communication becomes difficult. It’s best not to wait until communication breaks down completely, but Power & Compassion can help with that too.

    • When there is temptation of or existence of an affair. It is possible to learn to forgive and overcome temptation, you just need to reconnect with your spouse to find the strength.

    • When your spouse becomes the stranger in your home. If you just feel distant and want that loving bond you had when you first became married.

    • When fighting takes control. If you can’t find a way to work out your disagreements, you owe it to yourselves and your children to try to work it out.

    • When you think the only solution is to call it quits. You owe it to yourself and your family to at least try to work it out.

    • When you feel you have to stay together for the children. It’s of no use to stay together and fight in front of your children, since it does more harm than good for them to watch. However admirable this option is, it can be nice to have a third party mediate when you can’t see eye-to-eye, so you can work things out peacefully for the sake of your children.

Whatever your reasoning is to consider marital counseling, consider Power and Compassion’s weekend marriage retreats. Learn to love your spouse again and learn to love your marriage. Come learn to cherish each other and discover how to work through even the toughest of life’s lessons in marriage.

Visit our marriage retreats information page to learn more about our intensive marriage retreats and what we can do to help improve your marriage.

Four Ways That a Christian Marriage Retreat Can Help Save Your Marriage

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

The problem with some marriages is that they don’t have a religious and spiritual component that ties them together. In fact, a lot of people just get married in a church but don’t live out what their faith really tells them to. Marriage is the union of two people and it extends far beyond just physically being with someone. This is the reason why going to a Christian marriage retreat may be a good idea if you have issues with your marriage or simply want to ensure that you stay strong through the years.

But if you don’t have a problem, why fix it, right? This is the common argument that couples have against marriage retreats. They feel that the introspection called for in a Christian marriage retreat is only needed if you have major issues plaguing your marriage. The truth is that all couples will benefit from Christian marriage advice because the Christian marriage counseling they get helps put things in the right perspective, whether or not there is a major problem at hand. In the same way that you regularly maintain your house to preserve structural integrity and aesthetics, your marriage requires regular upkeep as well to ensure its bonds remain strong.

Still thinking twice about joining a Christian marriage retreat? Here are some reasons why a marriage intensive retreat may just be what you and your spouse need:

  • Power & Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats offer a couple-to-couple approach that allows for a balanced gender perspective that lets spouses hear exactly what each other have to say so they can better understand each other. It’s easy for gender biases to get in the way of proper communication so a balanced perspective is a great way to connect your spouse. When you understand exactly what your spouse has to say, you can respond better so issues are resolved more quickly.
  • Christian marriage retreat sessions are held in a quiet, secluded spot in the mountains, providing you with the right kind of environment to clearly think about concerns your marriage may have. If you luckily don’t have a lot of issues, the tranquil environment is still a great backdrop for being thankful for what you have in your life right now.
  • Since Christian marriage retreats are not simply for those with problems, it is a great avenue for couples to assess their marriage and zero in on small issues before they turn into major concerns, nipping them in the bud and clearing up misunderstandings between spouses.
  • While a Christian marriage retreat will require you to take a weekend away with your spouse mainly to give the two of you enough time to address issues, this is also a great excuse for you to spend time with your spouse. People live such busy lives and so it’s not unusual for relationships to suffer because people spend less and less time together. A stay in a delightful cabin surrounded by meadows located just a few minutes away by car from the Glacier National Park is a good way for you squeeze in that much-needed time together. You never know. A weekend together might just be what you need to rejuvenate the passion in your marriage.

Learn more about Power & Compassion’s Christian Marriage Retreats by visiting http://www.ChristianMarriageRetreats.net


Christian Marriage Retreats: 4 Questions That Deserve Answers!

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Christian marriage retreats have been taking place for countless years and they have actually assisted tons of Christians and non-Christians alike toward finding the marital relationship they have always wished for. Complications in a marriage are difficult to correct, yet when you experience an intensive marriage retreat together, you’ll find out the true worth of your marriage and you will have the opportunity to relive the charm that you felt the moment you first set eyes on your significant other. What most married people simply don’t understand is what benefits they will receive from actually coming to one of these Christian marriage counseling retreats. The fact is that there are numerous advantages to attending these wonderful functions and by recognizing these benefits, you’ll have that extra push to really pursue attending a retreat.

> Just what are the advantages of going to a marriage retreat?

One of the primary perks of Power and Compassion’s Marriage Retreats is that you will be working one on one with your licensed counselors Dale and Adi Lee in a private/personalized counseling environment where the focus will be directly on you and your spouse and your individual needs. This format is far more effective in helping you to iron out all your disagreements and find common ground.

These marriage retreats just might be the solution to the longing you have to find a way past all the strife and conflict that your experiencing with your spouse and allow you to finally make peace once again. These retreats will guide you and your significant other into an entirely new degree of love and friendship with one another. It does not matter how significant of an issue that you might have, as no problem or disagreement is too large for God to bring you through and grant you victory. A very powerful aspect of these private/personalized marriage retreats is the experiential format of the exercises that are used to obtain the most effective relationship possible. Lots of past couples have experienced such amazing results after just one retreat, that they commit to coming back again and again in order to maintain and further develop their love and relationship over time.

> What are the benefits of a faith-based marriage retreat over an ordinary one?

One of the things that makes a christian marriage retreat much more powerful and effective than a typical retreat is the truth that everything taught and shared during the retreat springs forth from God and His eternal word. Unlike a common marriage retreat which doesn’t look for the support of God, Christian marriage retreats take a much more serious Christ-centered approach.

> Precisely how long do these occasions last?

It truly does hinge upon your personal situation and what your needs and concerns are. They are normally just a few days, with sessions that last for a few hours throughout the day. This multi-day escape from your ordinary life, where you can become fully immersed in to the word of God, the guidance of your counselors, the beauty of Montana and the love and affection of your spouse, has a powerful effect on your healing process and can result in powerful transitions and relationship makeovers.

> Will my marriage become more desirable overnight?

Throughout the retreat, several activities will definitely be done with the both of you reviewing your present issues and plenty of these things will help you build a stronger relationship with your spouse. If the both of you are serious about achieving results in your relationship then the techniques are most certainly going to help the both of you, and you should see a huge improvement by the end of your retreat. Having said that, please note that the healing process is designed to build and continue to fully mature over time as you continue to walk in and practice what you have learned during the retreat, even as you enter back into your normal life pattern.

If you’re struggling with your marital relationship, going to a Christian marriage retreat could possibly be your solution to a much stronger marital relationship. If you would like to clear up all of your marriage and relationship problems, then a Christian marriage counseling retreat could very well be just what you have been looking for.  Visit http://www.ChristianMarriageRetreats.net for more details.

Choosing Marriage Retreats

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

They do say that the first step towards finding a solution lies in admitting that there is a problem. If marriage retreats were to be part of the solution then, you would have to be open to admitting that your marriage could be so much better than it is now. This isn’t to say really that your marriage is falling apart though because even blissful marriages would surely learn a thing or two from Christian counseling marriage retreats. A marriage retreat is not just something that mends, after all. It is also a tool that can enrich so that good marriages can become better or even the best they can be.

Marriage Retreats: A healthy choice for your marriage

Retreat programs for marriages will vary depending on who’s offering them. For instance, ChristanMarriageRetreats.net or Power & Compassion Christian Counseling take on a couple-to-couple approach to ensure that both parties will be given the chance to speak up about issues, be heard, and in turn understood. You can only really understand someone anyway by talking to them. Power & Compassion Christian Counseling retreat programs make the most out of the time couples spend on the retreat by giving them the best avenue for sorting out whatever issues they might have.  Many  couples have reported great results through this type of approach to marriage retreat counseling.  The personalized one-on-one counseling provided by Power & Compassion coupled with a clear focus on faith and seeking the will and counsel of God a for your marriage sets Power & Compassion’s Christian marriage retreats apart from many of the other offerings that are available.

The simple act of getting away with your spouse to a new location for a few days and focusing all of your time and attention solely on one another can have a powerful healing effect as well. Consider how taking time off from your busy schedule and surroundings helps you to clear your mind and focus more effectively on the important things in life.  The same is true with taking time to get away on a marriage retreat and focusing your attention on your spouse for a few days.  It can play a vital role in the healing and strengthening of your marriage.  When deciding on the marriage retreat that is right for you, look for a marriage retreat that is held in a peaceful location so you can shed all of your stresses away and simply focus on the task at hand of improving your marriage. To get both you and your partner in the mood, find a marriage retreat that is held in a place that you both love. For example, if you both appreciate the great outdoors and share a love for being active, a retreat venue surrounded by greens and blues of nature could be just the ticket. Different couples have different issues they need to sort through so go for marriage retreats that cover a lot of areas. You may have a specific area in mind that you and your spouse have to work on but you can also contribute a lot to your relationship by improving on other areas as well.

Some things to consider about your marriage retreat

Christian marriage counseling may offer a different approach than other marriage retreats out there so make sure to consider as many options as possible first before choosing one. You are, after all, interested in a solution to your marriage problems. Since you’re looking for a solution anyway, might as well go for a marriage retreat you feel will be best for you and your spouse. Take into consideration what your beliefs are about marriage, for instance. People with differing backgrounds and beliefs may have different notions of marriage but everything will boil down to making a commitment to your spouse and sticking with that commitment no matter what. Attending a marriage retreat that sheds the right kind of light on the subject of marriage, love and devotion may be the best way to go for you. There are a lot of marriage retreats out there and as with anything, it is always better to have multiple options than none. Make the most out of this by comparing what different retreats offer to you, and whether you feel you can fit the cost into your budget. Your decision may mean you will have to pull back on some of the other spending that you were planning on doing over the coming months, but don’t worry because where it matters, you’re sure to have enough, and honestly, what price tag can you put on the health and happiness of your marital relationship.

To learn more about the christian marriage counseling services provided by Power & Compassion’s Christian Marriage Retreats visit our marriage retreats page at http://www.ChristianMarriageRetreats.net/marriageretreats.html