Power & Compassion Christian Marriage Retreat is the work of Dale Lee [Ed.S. LCPC] & Adi Lee [M.A.], a husband and wife counseling team w/a love for Christ and a passion for helping people.

Nine Powerful Reasons Why Power & Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats Can Help to Heal and Repair Your Marriage

Monday, May 30th, 2016

glacier parkA delightful oasis of peace that allows transformation of your mind, hearts, and spirit to take place.

The success of Power and Compassion’s Christian Marriage Retreats comes from our multi-faceted approach to healing. Our unique and proprietary approach to healing combines the latest techniques and advancements in cognitive therapy, a solid foundation of Christ-centered, bible-based relationship principles, and the healing, regenerative power of mother nature.

Power & Compassion’s Christian Marriage Retreats take place in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana near the southern boundary of Glacier National Park. Our marriage retreats provide a wonderful opportunity for you to step out of your hectic, stress-filled world for a moment, in order to experience the peace and tranquility of a Montana mountain escape!

Our marriage retreats include three enriching days of peaceful transformation and rejuvenation in a private, secluded cabin tucked away in a private meadow, just a short 10 minute drive from one of America’s most beautiful national parks, Glacier National Park.

This beautiful cabin getaway will be the personal, private home for you and your spouse during the extent of your marriage retreat. Your private cabin home is well-equipped with all that you will need to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing stay, with some extra special amenities like a cozy fireplace and a deck overlooking a private meadow. You will find dozens of hiking trails, rivers, streams and peaceful mountain lakes within a 20-mile radius of the cabin. And you will have plenty of opportunities in-between counseling sessions to soak in all the beauty of the area and to relax and enjoy Montana’s splendor.

A private and personalized approach to help you encounter God’s presence and love during your retreat.

Our intensive christian marriage retreat, is a private three-day retreat where the entire focus is geared specifically toward you and your spouses specific needs and concerns. Our Marriage retreats are never multi-couple retreats. We work personally, one-on-one with you and your spouse for the entire three-day retreat. This allows us to really hone in on the root of the issues that you and your spouse are dealing with provide solid answers and actionable steps to help you achieve the healing, happiness and wholeness that you desire in your relationship.

Tailored counseling retreat just for the two of you – our focus is totally on the issues you want resolved.

We custom tailor our approach to counseling and relationship therapy based upon your specific needs and relationship concerns. Prior to the commencement of our marriage retreats, we spend a great deal of time learning exactly what issues you are dealing with, where your struggles are, what character and personality types you and your spouse posses and exactly sort of goals and you want to achieve and what obstacles you want to overcome through the marriage retreat process. Then we apply that knowledge toward our counseling sessions to ensure that you are receiving the very best therapy and advice for your specific needs and situation. This unique custom-tailored approach to counseling ensures that you receive precise answers to your specific questions and concerns and real, actionable methods and techniques that will enable you to work through and overcome the difficulties and obstacles that are putting a strain on your marriage.

You will obtain understanding of the communication patterns that have emerged in your marriage and how marital discord escalates in your relationship.

Healthy communication is such a large part of a good marriage relationship. For this reason we devote a significant portion of our intensive counseling sessions to helping you and your spouse to learn and better understand each others communication patterns. When you have a better understanding of how your spouse communicates, And what they are really trying to say between the lines, Then you are in a better position to receive from one another, relate to one another, and respond to one another with love and understanding.

You will obtain greater appreciation of your spouse’s uniqueness and strengths.

Many past clients of ours say that spending a few days at our marriage retreat is almost like being introduced to their spouse all over again. Our intensive retreats are designed to help you discover new qualities about your spouse that you maybe didn’t even know existed before. As well as to gain new perspective on the characteristics and behaviors that you were already aware of but maybe didn’t understand, and to recognize and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness therein.

Throughout our intensive retreat you will obtain a greater knowledge and understanding of who your spouse is. You will discover what makes them act the way they do, and you will learn the reasoning and logic behind the things that they say and the way that they behave. As a result, you will develop a greater appreciation of what makes your spouse unique, and you will be in a better position to replace your own anger and apprehensions with grace and compassion.

You will become experts on how to resolve marital discord and gain benefits from conflict.

Our proprietary counseling techniques will teach you proven methods and strategies for dealing with marital conflicts and empower you to find the grace and strength to overcome any obstacles that would try to tear your relationship apart. You will gain a new perspective on conflict and learn how to use conflict to your benefit as a catalyst that will actually draw you and your spouse closer, rather than creating a divide.

Learn to become a Christ-centered success team to allow your marriage to flourish.

Song of Solomon 8:6-7  Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man offered for love all the wealth of his house, he would be utterly despised.
Solid biblical principles and a Christ-centered faith are the cornerstone of everything we do, and everything we teach and share through the Power and Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats ministry program. Our solid belief is that Christ must be the center point of every strong, loving, and lasting marriage relationship. It is that foundational principle that all of our counseling is based upon. Our system will teach you how to recognize and maintain Christ as the center of your marriage and allow all of your other relationships to flow out of that central principle.

Receive compassion and care from a Christian counseling couple – licensed counselors who serve you as a married team.

With Power and Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats you receive the benefits of working with not one, but two licensed counselors with many years of hands on experience helping a multitude of couples find healing and restoration from their troubled marriage relationships. Both Adi and myself are licensed counselors in the state of Montana (M.A. LCPC). There is an undeniable benefit that comes from working with a husband and wife counseling team during your Marriage Intensive Retreat.

Working together as a team allows Adi and I the unique ability to relate on a personal level with both you and your spouse and the unique struggles and difficulties that each of you are dealing with. This allows us to provide each of you with cohesive, custom-tailored advice from a position of familiarity and respect. This multifaceted approach plays a key role in helping you and your spouse to quickly overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back, and to find love, respect and common ground on which to build your loving relationship upon moving forward.

An in-depth, comprehensive, experience orientated 3-Day intensive retreat with the power to change your life.

Our comprehensive 3-Day retreats are in-depth, thorough intensive experiences that have the power to change your marriage relationship and your life. These powerful marriage retreats are based on many years of experience and in-depth training in cognitive therapy and solid biblical study of Gods word. We have devoted our lives to helping married couples turn their broken-down and dysfunctional relationships into beautiful, respectful, life-long commitments of love and passion, where Christ is at the center.

Find out more about Power and Compassion’s three-day Christian Marriage Retreats by calling us at 406-253-6427 or by visiting us online at http://www.ChristianMarriageRetreats.net We look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve the quintessential marriage relationship that you desire!

Four Advantages That Set Power & Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats Apart From The Crowd.

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Power & Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats is the dedicated ministry of Dale and Adi Lee, a married couple counseling team based out of Kalispell, Montana.  Dale and Adi bring years of experience in counseling and couples therapy, along with a sound biblical approach to marital healing which is founded on their love and faith in Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Power & Compassion Counseling and Christian Marriage Retreats is the realization of a lifelong dream of Dale and Adi to provide healing and restoration to hurting couples and to see marriages transformed through the healing power of sound counseling and Christ-centered principles.  Below are a few of the highlights which set Power & Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats apart from the other marriage retreat options that are out there.

Clinical Counseling With A Faith-Based Foundation

One of the powerful aspects of Power & Compassion’s counseling services and   Christian Marriage Retreats is that they bring together the power of the today’s latest proven clinical counseling and therapy practices as well as Godly foundational principles based on solid biblical doctrine.   Dale & Adi Lee are both certified counselors who are highly educated in providing the latest clinical methods for counseling, relationship therapies and communication techniques.    Dale & Adi  bring a wealth of knowledge and education to your counseling sessions.  You can rest assured that you are in good and capable hands with a counseling team that has the knowledge and experience to help you and your spouse work through even the most difficult situations with love and understanding.  But what is even more assuring is that the therapy and counseling advice that you receive at a Power & Compassion marriage retreat will be rooted in the unfailing Word of God!  Dale and Adi take special care to make certain that all of the advice that they provide and all of the therapy that they minister is based on scriptural doctrine and solid principles of faith.

A Personalized One-On-One Approach to Counseling

Because Dale and Adi are a husband-wife counseling team, they have the unique ability to relate with and provide insightful perspective to both you and your spouse.  At a Power & Compassion marriage retreat you will benefit from a couple-to-couple approach to counseling where you will receive a balanced gender perspective allowing each of your voices to be heard and understood.

Every marriage retreat that is conducted by Power & Compassion is a focused, and highly-personalized encounter limited to just you and your spouse and your counselors – no one else.  Dale and Adi believe that the process of dealing with and working through marital problems and relationship struggles is a very  personal matter.  As such, it should be dealt with in an atmosphere of safety, comfort, and privacy where you will be able to open up to each other in new and unexpected ways.

A Beautiful And Relaxing Environment, Conducive To Romance, Healing And Restoration

Power and Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats are held at a private cabin tucked away in a quiet meadow at the foot of Glacier National Park in northwest Montana.  Part of the healing power of a marriage retreat comes from the rejuvenation that you experience from simply stepping out of your everyday environment for a little while and turning your entire focus toward your spouse, your own internal issues and your relationship with your creator. Nowhere is your connection to your creator more apparent than in this “heaven on earth” destination that has come to be known as “Gods Country.”  A big piece of the puzzle when it comes to restoring intimacy to a relationship is creating those ‘magical’ moments that stand out as special memories and harbors of romance that you carry with you and reflect back upon for years to come.  You couldn’t ask for a better place to create such memories than this private getaway in northwest Montana.  This private cabin retreat will become your own personal oasis shared only by you and your spouse during your retreat.  Your counselors will come and meet you at the private cabin retreat for the daily counseling sessions, but after the sessions are completed each day, the cabin retreat becomes your private home-away from home where you and your spouse can enjoy quiet and romantic evenings together relaxing by the cozy fireplace, or watching the sunset in Montana’s legendary ‘big sky!”

An Interactive, Fast-Track Method Geared Toward Conflict Resolution and Restoring Emotional Intimacy

Dale and Adi have adapted their many years of counseling experience into a very powerful, fast-track counseling intensive that will allow you to experience more than five-and-a-half months of transformational counseling in just a few short days, through an in-depth synergistic approach to martial healing. Through Power and Compassion’s intensive marriage retreats, you will learn many practical skills,  strategies and techniques for overcoming conflicts in your relationship, and to reestablish emotional intimacy and heart-felt communication.  You will come to understand each other in ways you never imagined possible and you will become aware of new relationship dynamics that will empower you to utilize both your strengths and your weaknesses in dealing with marital issues as you move forward in your relationship together.

Power and Compassion Christian marriage counseling is the realization of a dream for Dale and Adi Lee, and their love and their passion shines bright in the way that they conduct each of their private/personalized marriage retreats.  Join the dozens of other happy couples whose marriages have been restored and renewed through the healing power of these life-changing encounters.  Learn more about Power and Compassion’s marriage retreats by visiting the informational website at http://www.ChristianMarriageRetreats.net or call 1-406-253-6427

Choosing Marriage Retreats

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

They do say that the first step towards finding a solution lies in admitting that there is a problem. If marriage retreats were to be part of the solution then, you would have to be open to admitting that your marriage could be so much better than it is now. This isn’t to say really that your marriage is falling apart though because even blissful marriages would surely learn a thing or two from Christian counseling marriage retreats. A marriage retreat is not just something that mends, after all. It is also a tool that can enrich so that good marriages can become better or even the best they can be.

Marriage Retreats: A healthy choice for your marriage

Retreat programs for marriages will vary depending on who’s offering them. For instance, ChristanMarriageRetreats.net or Power & Compassion Christian Counseling take on a couple-to-couple approach to ensure that both parties will be given the chance to speak up about issues, be heard, and in turn understood. You can only really understand someone anyway by talking to them. Power & Compassion Christian Counseling retreat programs make the most out of the time couples spend on the retreat by giving them the best avenue for sorting out whatever issues they might have.  Many  couples have reported great results through this type of approach to marriage retreat counseling.  The personalized one-on-one counseling provided by Power & Compassion coupled with a clear focus on faith and seeking the will and counsel of God a for your marriage sets Power & Compassion’s Christian marriage retreats apart from many of the other offerings that are available.

The simple act of getting away with your spouse to a new location for a few days and focusing all of your time and attention solely on one another can have a powerful healing effect as well. Consider how taking time off from your busy schedule and surroundings helps you to clear your mind and focus more effectively on the important things in life.  The same is true with taking time to get away on a marriage retreat and focusing your attention on your spouse for a few days.  It can play a vital role in the healing and strengthening of your marriage.  When deciding on the marriage retreat that is right for you, look for a marriage retreat that is held in a peaceful location so you can shed all of your stresses away and simply focus on the task at hand of improving your marriage. To get both you and your partner in the mood, find a marriage retreat that is held in a place that you both love. For example, if you both appreciate the great outdoors and share a love for being active, a retreat venue surrounded by greens and blues of nature could be just the ticket. Different couples have different issues they need to sort through so go for marriage retreats that cover a lot of areas. You may have a specific area in mind that you and your spouse have to work on but you can also contribute a lot to your relationship by improving on other areas as well.

Some things to consider about your marriage retreat

Christian marriage counseling may offer a different approach than other marriage retreats out there so make sure to consider as many options as possible first before choosing one. You are, after all, interested in a solution to your marriage problems. Since you’re looking for a solution anyway, might as well go for a marriage retreat you feel will be best for you and your spouse. Take into consideration what your beliefs are about marriage, for instance. People with differing backgrounds and beliefs may have different notions of marriage but everything will boil down to making a commitment to your spouse and sticking with that commitment no matter what. Attending a marriage retreat that sheds the right kind of light on the subject of marriage, love and devotion may be the best way to go for you. There are a lot of marriage retreats out there and as with anything, it is always better to have multiple options than none. Make the most out of this by comparing what different retreats offer to you, and whether you feel you can fit the cost into your budget. Your decision may mean you will have to pull back on some of the other spending that you were planning on doing over the coming months, but don’t worry because where it matters, you’re sure to have enough, and honestly, what price tag can you put on the health and happiness of your marital relationship.

To learn more about the christian marriage counseling services provided by Power & Compassion’s Christian Marriage Retreats visit our marriage retreats page at http://www.ChristianMarriageRetreats.net/marriageretreats.html

Marriage Retreats: Experience the Power & Compassion of an Intensive Marriage Retreat in northwest Montana.

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Marriage Retreats, couples counseling retreats, relationship retreats, marriage counseling retreat… the names given to these powerful relationship building events are many, but regardless of the name you give them, the important thing to remember is that they are revolutionary, life-changing events. This is especially so when the technique and method of counseling and therapy that you receive during the retreat keeps God as the center focus of the healing and restoration process. That is the main focus and practice at Power & Compassion’s exclusive marriage retreats in northwest Montana. These multi-day marriage retreats bring together the power of intensive marriage counseling, the healing restorative power of a deepening relationship with God, and the rejuvenating power of Montana’s pristine natural beauty into one intense marriage-healing experience that will have a profound effect on your marriage relationship.


Attending a marriage retreat with Power & Compassion Christian Counseling allows you the freedom to step outside your normal every-day environment, where you can clear away all the noise and frustration your daily habits and complications which are putting a strain on your marital relationship, and instead gain a new and fresh perspective on life and your relationship with your spouse. There is no better place to step away from the stresses of life and clear your head then our marriage retreat cabin in northwest Montana. (Click here to see photos and more information regarding our marriage retreat location.) Here you will be able to clear your mind and focus your attention and efforts on growing closer to God and each other with the help of your professional counselors and a very powerful and proven counseling and thereputic process.


The experience that you will receive from attending a marriage retreat with Power and Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats is beyond words. Many couples have had their lives transformed and their marriages renewed through attending one of these exclusive personalized retreats. But don’t simply take my word for it… read about and listen to some marriage retreat  testimonies from our our past couples to see for yourself! The results speak for themselves.


Some of what you will experience at one of our multi-day intensive marriage retreats will include:


  • A reawakening of romance and passion within your relationship. – Our specialized couples therapy sessions and individualized counseling sessions wil help you discover new ways to communicate, interact and connect with your spouse in ways that will reignite and rebuild the romantic feelings that brought you both together in the first place.
  • You will discover essential methods and principles that will allow you to build a rock solid foundation for your marriage moving forward, and help you to multiply you feelings of love and respect for one another as time progresses.
  • One of the most powerful tools for building a deep connection and love relationship with your spouse is having a good solid open and balanced communication with your spouse. At Power and Compassion’s Marriage Retreats, you will learn and discover a plethora of tools and techniques for opening up these powerful lines of communication allowing you to connect with each other in a very strong way and these new communication techniques will help you to maintain that connection and grow even stronger within that connection even after your marriage retreat experience is over and you move back into your normal everyday life again.


These are just a few of the powerful ways that you will learn and grow when you attend a marriage retreat with Power and Compassion Christian Marriage Retreats. If you would like more information on one of our multi-day intensive marriage retreats, visit our website at www.ChristianMarriageRetreats.net or call us at 406-253-6427 we would love to talk with you about your individual needs and situation so that we might create a customized plan to help your healing process begin.